Many people have embraced cycling in Australia. Some have decided to make a career out of it, and are professional cyclists. Others do it for leisure, while others cycle for their health reasons. Cycling has created some of the most notable cyclists in Australia who include the following.

Cadel Evans

He was the first Australian to win the Tour de France. Succeeding in this tournament in 2011 is what made him be significantly recognised. A cycling race was even started in 2015 in his honour, and it has attracted many participants. Many cyclists in Australia participate in the Tour de France race, but none has been able to win. Apart from this race, Evans has competed in other races which he has won, and has had the yellow champion’s jersey for several periods. He recently joined the World Road Race Championship, and all eyes are on him to see if he will take the title.

Anna Meares

She is the most celebrated female cyclist in Australia. She is a sprint cyclist and has won several medals in this domain. In 2013, Anna became the first female cyclist to break the second trial time in the Track World Cup. This came after she broke the first trial time in 2004. From her cycling popularity, one of the cycling paths in her hometown has been named after her, as a way of honouring her.

Sir Hubert Opperman

He was among the very first cyclists to participate in the Tour de France race. Since joining this race, Sir Hubert took cycling to another level. He nurtured the upcoming cyclists and prepared teams that would compete in the Tour de France race every season. He became the first Australian cyclist to participate in Europe, and broke over 100 records, before leaving this career. However, his passion for cycling did not diminish. It is said he died while cycling at the age of 92.

Phil Anderson

Europeans mostly win the yellow champion jerseys, but Phil made a difference in these races. He became the first non-European to wear this Jersey in 1981, changing the perception that only Europeans could win these races. In the following year, Phil won a white jersey, which is given to the best young cyclists. Being the first ever Australian to wear a yellow jersey, is the most memorable thing about him. He gave hope to other aspiring cyclists in Australia.

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Kathy Watt

This female cyclist is celebrated for her unexpected win. Her victory undoubtedly came as a surprise to many, as she was unknown before then. She became the gold medalist in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics games. She also won a coveted silver medal in the same race, in the individual category of 3000 metres track.

Robbie McEwen

He is a Tour de France cyclist. Robbie’s popularity comes from his tactful riding and achievements during the race. He has won in several cycling stages and won the yellow jersey in 2004. Robbie is the first Australian to win the Tour de France Sprinter’s classification points, repeated three times. He is also known for his professional standards and is not willing to compromise them for anything.

Celebrating people that make history is an excellent way of showing appreciation for what they started and do. It is also a way of motivating other cyclists in doing their best.