Planning for a bike racing requires adequate time and training. There is a lot that one must achieve before the race including full participation in fitness and muscle training as cycling is an exhaustive activity. Here are some recommended ways to prepare for a cycling race.

Learn about the Course

Understanding about the whole course is a prudent action towards achieving success in a cycling race. Every rider must understand the race and the distance to be covered. It helps to prepare well for appropriate fitness and training activities that will suit the particular race.

Additionally, one must confirm the exact time required to complete the race. Perhaps the best decision is to find how much the previous riders took, and organise yourself from such knowledge.

Do a Pre-test

Bike racing is more of a practical experience than an imagination. So, don’t just gather information about events like Australian cycling races distances and time and relax. Go an extra mile to find the reality by covering the whole course. It will give you the real picture of what the racing competition will look like and allow you to plan well.

Setting your Bike

For optimal performance, you ought to set out your bike just like you would have it during the race. This means adjusting the seat, pedals and handlebars to provide the best comfort for the race. However, sometimes you will have to ride your bike while standing, leaning forward, sprinting or even power stroking.

Train your Muscles

You need to start early training of your muscles. Particularly, put much effort on the leg muscles. In this case, you may consider using exercise bikes or go for aerobic intensities or sprints. Such practices prepare your muscles for racing thus enhancing your chances of winning.

Additionally, you can do leg presses or squats for a muscle-building process. Most importantly, do such exercises early enough before the competition for better results.