Cycling is a great sport for competitive purposes or just for wild fun. For this reason, cycling races draw huge numbers of cyclists as well as spectators seeking to enjoy a slice of the thrill. For race organisers, the safety of both sets of participants is really important. Ensuring an excellent safety record is a great publicity achievement. However, this is easier to achieve on paper than it is in reality. This section provides a few ideas on how to ensure the safety of cyclists and spectators alike.

Map out the Route in Advance

You do not want surprises along the route on race day. To forestall unforeseen eventualities, map out the route of the race well in advance. Map out the dangerous spots. Work on the identified spots appropriately either by way of levelling up, erecting hazard signs or changing the route entirely. Whereas treacherous routes may increase the thrill, it is no excuse to risk the safety of cyclists. Additionally, ensure the route is well marked out for other route users. It is also appropriate to set up safe vantage spectator stages along the route.

Hire Route Stewards

To ensure the safety of all, hiring stewards is a no-brainer. In the preparation for a successful bike race,the role of stewards is indispensable. Firstly, stewards assist in directing vehicular traffic in and around the race route. Secondly, cycling races are bound to attract huge crowds who need guidance along the course. Stewards will also help in controlling unruly individuals who may pose safety risk to cyclists.

Plan for Emergency Services

Despite the great planning that may go into safety issues, the likelihood of the unimaginable happening should not be ignored. For this reason, it is advisable to have in place emergency services to cater for unforeseen situations such as road accidents and stampedes that require immediate medical intervention. Having first responders on location will save lives when the unfortunate occurrences take place.