Challenges occur in all spheres of life. They are what make one better at what they do. Problems act as eye openers to issues that are overlooked and help in preparing better for next time. Similarly, cyclists face various challenges while preparing and participating in races. The following are some of the significant challenges they face in their career.

Financial Constraints

Getting ready for a race requires funding. There are some expenses that one has to incur, and having financial stability is important. This stability is not always there, and sometimes, cyclists are forced to miss some important qualifiers. Other cyclists also miss participating in races due to the constraint.


While cycling as a career, accidents are almost inevitable. Some are minor, while others are fatal. Cyclists get injuries while cycling as a result of bad weather, being unfamiliar with the terrain or even crashing with each other. From such accidents, those cyclists that are not brave enough, never go back to the sport. It takes passion and determination in cycling, to return to the sport after an injury. However, the extent of damage caused by such accidents, also determines whether one can ride again or not.


Pedalling a bike requires a lot of energy. Cyclists in the races often pedal for long distances before coming to a halt. Some overdo their training in fear of losing. As a result, they get fatigued on their bikes, and some end up losing their passion and purpose. They find themselves doing it for the sake of saving their titles. When not addressed on time, this fatigue leads to depression.

Lack of Equality

Women who participate in cycling races face some degree of discrimination. This discrimination is evident regarding pay, for the same level of participation as men. These women are paid slightly above half-pay, of what their male counterparts receive. They also do not have a variety of levels to compete in, and their competition is almost generalised. By the end of their cycling careers, some sportswomen are not able to sustain their lives. Most of the time, they are forced to look for alternative ways of getting an income. This aspect can be disappointing, especially when such cyclists had dedicated their lives to the sport.

Harsh Weather Conditions

Weather conditions keep changing year after year. This change becomes challenging to cycling races since the weather plays a significant role in their success. The scheduled time for these races may experience very high temperatures, which make respiration difficult for the cyclists. There may be heavy rains during the period, which may cause the roads to be inaccessible and put cyclists prone to accidents.

Lack of Support in the Host Countries

Some of the countries that host these races may not be as supportive of the race as expected. It may be as a result of how the general public views the game, and their lack of interest in it. As a result, cyclists get a tough time during their competing period. Lack of support can make it difficult to have successful warm-ups, before going for the game. It may also cause delays in the starting times of these races, which affect the entire race.

Those aspiring to be cyclists should consider these challenges, and when they feel they can overcome them, it is a way of showing their readiness. Cycling can be rewarding if one possesses a passion for the sport.