Australia has a lot of cycling events whose participation depends on different factors. Some are community-based while others are for both national and international competitions. These competition based cycling races are the most anticipated, and their participants are professional cyclists. The following are the major cycling races in Australia:

Santos Tour Down Under

It is the biggest cycling race in Australia. The race dates back to 1999 as a simple race with few participants and spectators. The results of the race were promising, and there was a need to carry on with the same. Since the first race, Tour Down Under has undergone several changes and developments. It has been widely embraced in Australia, and the winners get significant recognition. During its first stages, the race involved men only, but in 2012, women started getting involved in this race, and they could participate. Others features that have been added to this race includes the creation of the sport’s jerseys with a theme that describes Australia the race itself.

Australian National Road Race Championships

It is a large race that incorporates men, women and cyclists below 23 years. This race is old, and its history dates back to the 1900’s and earlier. It holds races with long distances, some of which riders participate in stages. Its first time to stage women participants was in 1978, and since then, it has attracted many professional women participants to the race. There are different prizes for different competitions. Champions of this race are rewarded with jerseys which they are allowed to wear during other sports. These jerseys identify them as champions of the Australian National Road Race Championships. They earn them a degree of honour wherever they participate.

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race

It started in 2015 as an honour to the only Australian who won in the Tour de France race. Both men and women participate in this race which only takes one day. This race was recently accepted to the UCI World Tour in the 2017th edition. It has attracted several professional cyclists, the major being those that saw Evans as their role model. It is not a long distance race, with the men’s race going for 174 km and the women’s race covering 113 km.

Herald Sun Tour

This is a stage race that was started in 1952 as a six-day race. It is a long distance race that goes in stages, sprints and hill climb. Herald Sun Tour attracts international cyclists who compete to be the champions of the competition. Since the time this race began, it was accepted by the UCI in 2005 and has created many champions. Since its approval by the UCI, this race has undergone several changes including change in the racing dates. On one occasion, this race has missed happening due to event crash with another race. However, this crash did not stop the race, and it continues having a positive growth to date. It continues gaining international popularity as cyclists salivate on being part of the competing teams.

These major cycling races in Australia follow a specific calendar of events. They are well organised, and anyone willing to participate can schedule their time to match with that of the races. This calendar is available online and anyone can access it, should they want to know these dates.